Standard stars

For user convenience, a master coordinate/standards file with a large number of standard stars is available which can be used with the OS/RS and STAN commands. OS/RS allow ease of pointing to a desired standard, and the STAN command can be used to take an exposure, letting the software calculate a good exposure time based on the standard magnitude and the system throughput through a desired filter.

The master standards file is called standards.apo, and resides in the top level observe directory (/home/loki2/observe/standards.apo). The current version contains 918 entries. Entries 1-223 come from Landolt 1982, 224-250 are dummy entries, 251-280 are standards in M67 from Montgomery, 281-300 are dummy entries, 301-826 are from Landolt 1992 (some of which duplicate entries from Landolt 1982), 827-900 are dummy entries, 901-918 are southern spectrophotometric standards from Landolt 1992a.